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    So in essence, correct me if I am wrong Darth_Mo, we should see a snappier phone with GPU enabled because the graphics that is needed to render the cards to the screen and allow for scrolling within the card, etc. would be performed by a more capable processor. Also this leaves the CPU to handle working with the behind the scenes data more efficiently because it has more resources available to it for performing the task.

    I am still not clear how this reduces the drain on the battery.
    Well, if you're running a particularly graphically intensive application, it will be able to offload most of that processing from the CPU to the GPU. The GPU consumes less power than the CPU performing most of the same graphics instructions.

    That said, if you're just using standard apps, it's tough to say whether there would be a significant difference in power consumption. Still, the less work the main CPU has to do, the lower the power consumption will be overall.
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    ok and exactly WHY is palm not using the GPU ?
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    ok and exactly WHY is palm not using the GPU ?
    More work to implement.

    It is easier and cheaper for them just to force the CPU to do it. They have first figure out just how to link the GPU to WebOS and then, if they really want to use the GPU well, rewrite a bunch of WebOS to take advantage of OpenGL.

    Back when they wrote the thing, they didn't have the time, money or resources to figure this thing out, so they moved ahead without it. My theory is that they will never implement GPU acceleration for WebOS and the built-in apps, but rather make it available for games to use.
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