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    so i purchased a pre (uk o2) and im interested in adding some of the patches apps using the homebrew BUT im wary i might brake my phone as ive only had it 6 days its not someting i want 2 do lol

    i had a lg viewty b4 and managed 2 brick it while trying 2 bak it up,at that time i had no insurance and still had 8 months left on my contract,my phone was useless and ended up in my draw until this day.

    this is not the fate i want 4 my pre because i love this phone

    is ther a risk of bricking,killing my pre using the homebrew apps patches?
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    It's pretty difficult to brick a pre, if even possible
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    If you screw up the phone, you just run the Web OS Doctor.

    Homebrew Apps - Risk of messing anything up - VERY Low.

    Patches - Risk of messing something up - Low if you remove before Updating, Moderate if you don't.

    Themes - Risk of messing something up - Moderate
    Your Pre wants Word Whirl from the App Catalog.

    It told me.
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    thanks 4 the replys

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