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    Full Disclosure: This buyout rumor has no doubt been exhausted to death but there is some new market share info here.

    Microsoft is rapidly losing market share and may need to make a move sooner than later...

    "In today’s WSJ, the Heard on the Street column takes a look at problem, noting that Windows Mobile phones had 7.9% of the smart phone market in the third quarter, down from 11.1% a year earlier. The piece concludes that Microsoft’s weak position “risks losing the chance to establish a stronghold in the mobile ecosystem,” which it says is “potentially a huge deal.” The piece finds that Microsoft is at risk of repeating a mistake in the mobile sector that it made with the Internet: not recognizing a huge opportunity until it was too late to stake out a leadership position, and having to play catch up in a key market."

    Microsoft: Trouble In Smart Phones - Tech Trader Daily -
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    if microsoft buy palm i will shoot my phone.

    this will never happen though... right... (sniffle)
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    Quote Originally Posted by threed View Post
    if microsoft buy palm i will shoot my phone.

    this will never happen though... right... (sniffle)
    If this ever did happen it is likely that Jon Rubenstien would still run the company and WebOS would only grow due to advirtising and word of mouth.

    It may actually be the best thing for the platform.
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    Webos is so sick. In a perfect world Microsoft would buy palm. Come out with a new phone with microSD 32gb hardrive space and spanking new hardware with webos 4.0 . Release date? Christmas of 2010 with a massive marketing campaign by Microsoft in super-bowl, American Idol, Desperate Housewife, you name it. After wards Iphophe would be a collectors item because it was hott for only a while.

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