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    I'm a big fan of palm PDAs and am wondering whether to try to replace my Palm TX and Sony mobile with a Pre.
    From what I've read so far the Pre seems to have a lot of potential.
    Please can someone confirm for me:
    1. What version of WebOS is currently available in the UK with O2?
    2. If I test a Pre in the O2 store is there an easy way to find the WebOS version?
    3. Can UK Pre users currently use HomeBrew Apps?
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    1) 1.3.1
    2) Test model will have test software just to "demo" the phone i.e you can surf web etc but calls will not be connected (at least in my experience). Not sure if it let you "install" apps from catalog.
    3) Yes

    Best to pop in and have a go. Every O2 shop I went into most people were at iphone stand and none at the pre.
    I doubt it will show you the version as Like I said its demo software.

    Also the reps are not allowed to take a phone out of the box unless you are going to purchase it i.e they only let you handle it after the credit agreement has been authorised and they are helping you setup the phone.

    Its a good phone and it really grows on you despite some of the current software issues.

    Remember Palm unlike others is constantly revising the software and bring updates regularly so its very much a work in progress and its a great little phone.
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    Thanks for the advice, I'll take a look.

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