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    I have bought two separate chargers for the Pre, both non-Palm products, and neither of them work.

    Any idea why?
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    maybe they are not official chargers.......?
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    my brothers blackberry charger works just fine on my pre.
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    It would be worth pointing out exactly which third party chargers you've bought. If they don't work I'm sure other people on here would like to avoid your mistake.
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    It probably has something to do with amperage. The charger may provide the correct amount of voltage but not enough amps. At work we sell a universal charger called igo. The charger has different tips that you can attach to charger different devices. There are 2 different micro usb tips they have. One is the A97 which does just about everything from LG phones to modern Blackberry's. The other micro usb they have is the A138 and it's for the palm pre. They have the same setup with mini usb chargers where they had the A32 and the A53 where the only difference between them was that the A53 provided more Amps and was for PDA phones.
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    I use a non palm charger and its fine. USB is only 500ma and that charges fine too with a non palm cable. perhaps the chargers are broken?
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    The U.S. forums once stated that car chargers need to provide 1A to charge the Pre.

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