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    i having pretty the much the same except i cant install any patches. i removed all of my themes and patches before a updated, and i reinstalled preware and service manager but i still cant install any patch. everytime i try to install a patch i get a failure. can anybody give me some advice on the subject.
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    More on the patch update: looks like all are fixed! Woohoo!

    Go to here to see the info:
    . . . .
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    emergency patch recovery saved the day for me! I was getting the feeds error. I reinstalled package service manager. Could not see my patches. Ran epr and all is back to normal - found all my preware patches and apps.

    thanks webos-internals.
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    So what can I do when the Emergency Patch Recovery tool won't run? IPKG Log indicates "Postinst: NOTE:No patched found! Removing package org.webosinternals.emergency-patch-recovery from root..."

    Trouble I'm having is the patched are there and working (hide quick launch bar, 4x4 icons, landscape messaging, etc.) but they don't appear on the list of installed patches, I can't re-install them and I can't remove them. Same problem with Themes. I can install new themes but the original and subsequent themes can't be un-installed.
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