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    I currently have a blackberry 8330 with sprint. my work just cut back my salary and i was wondering if the pre will still work if you cancel the data plan that sprint requires with the purchase? i have wifi at home and at work and i don't care if i have data coverage everywhere. Has someone done this and if so how does the pre work for you. thanks.
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    That is a good question. I know that Sprint requires a Simple Everything plan, and wont sell you a Pre (easily, at least) without data. But I dont know what will happen if you cancel service.

    Rob Whitby (sp?) with webOS Internals has a Sprint Pre down in Australia that he uses only wifi on, so I think there is a way.
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    As far as I know the Pre will work as a wifi-only device, but the trick will be getting Sprint to let you cancel the data portion of the plan. The problem really is that when you sign up, you're forced into an "everything" plan that rolls data in.. so you can't just take that portion out later, you'd actually have to have them change the entire plan to one that would allow you to piecemeal portions in and out.

    You might be able to pull it off depending on the rep you get on the phone.. I'm sure they're trained to require data plans for all smartphones.. but maybe you could get one that's lax enough to let that slide.
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    Salary cutback! Sorry dude.

    Things work a bit different then they do with RIM devices. The Pre requires some type of Simply Everything Plan. No Simply Everything Plan, no Pre.

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