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    Quote Originally Posted by vnmous1 View Post
    Yep. Actually, the PRL wouldn't update. the code is 1012. says to contact sprint cust svc if prob remains. I live about 50 feet from a Sprint store. I have the world's greatest signal coverage



    AFTER THREE RESETS IT FINALLY "TOOK" THE PRL. (Sorry about the caps, but I wanted to make sure it stood out as an update)
    You DO know that the signal does NOT come from the Sprint store, right?
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    Suggestions? How about wait more than 1 day before jumping to conclusions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vnmous1 View Post
    Same problems here. Never had an issue with battery life before, but after 1.3.5, it drains like a mother. Am running all the tests now. Have rebooted a couple of times.

    I have outstanding EVDO coverage...and just to see if there was a kink there, I turned on the Wi-Fi (it's in my house...about 3 feet from me). Drops battery like a rock. Went from 100% to 73% with NO use (phone, email, net) in less than an hour!

    Wifi should be helping you conserve the battery, saves my battery hugely especially at my job where roaming is more prevelant ... It saves the phone from searching for a signal which in turn drains the hell out of the battery. You may have a lemon battery as well ... make sure everything is off, brightness down etc. email not searching every 2 min, it shouldn't be that bad unless your leaving nav on or something (thats the one thing that will kill the battery)
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    so heres my story:

    Got my 1350mah battery on saturday evening, charged it 12 hours, so got it off the charger sunday at 9am... Crazy thing did not die until monday at like 9am. A FULL two days, I was soooo happy.

    Well the update comes and sure as crap I am struggling to get 12 hours now before fully dead. What happened?!?

    heres my questions:

    1) does your location have anything to do with your PRL setting (list)?
    2) could it be that my work is killing my battery that bad (weak signal), and that it the only difference? but at home I have great signal?
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    My prl is updated-going to reboot and give it another 24 hour test run and then report the results here.
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    TomeyGun, I strongly suggest you update your (mobile) network settings and PRL from the phone preferences screen. Give it a clean reboot and watch the difference. Let us know how things go.
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    yeah make sure your PRL is 60658
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    UPDATE: Took it to the Sprint store. Turns out the battery is bad so a new one was ordered. Thanks for the input
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    Quote Originally Posted by njhere View Post
    UPDATE: Took it to the Sprint store. Turns out the battery is bad so a new one was ordered. Thanks for the input
    On behalf of all of us, you're welcome.
    Thanx for the update.
    Glad it turned out alright.
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