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    Sweet ok well so far i havent had any problems as of yet, i left all my patches on for the update just to be experimental and as most of you already know nothing crazy or horrible or world ending happened. just lost em so i ran a full EPR and reinstalled them all. havent even touched the 500 or 600 set of patches still seeing all the bugs get worked out of those. all my old apps are still there and running though as weve seen i can no longer seen my apps in the WEBOSQI device info due to the new memory space for apps. i havent had any problems yet, no weird things happening. and i can say i see a little more responsiveness but nothing life changing...... idk im really excited for CES but at the same time im not gettin up for a let down, i dont see flash anytime soon and i dont honestly feel palms gonna drop our GPU before like june...theres just not been any true signs of advancement on that yet.... but i am still ancy to see....

    well whats everyone else been feelin with 1.3.5 after 24 hours????
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    better battery life
    much snapper
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    Everything is better with 1.3.5.... I had a bunch of patches installed as well as the SR 550 patch. DR'd the phone before upgrade, installed upgrade and have had zero issues.... I don't think removing the patches and stuff is always sufficient to ensure no problems.
    I haven't re-installed any patches yet because I haven't seen the need... 1.3.5. is WAY snappier and my battery life yesterday was amazing, off charger at 5am and when I plugged it in at 9pm the phone was still over 50%.
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    The look and feel is more graceful and accommodating. Pre is maturing nicely, showing refinement and manners. I would choose sophistication over clunky tricks.


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