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    I can verify this as correct.
    Verification #3 :-)

    Now if only my airave would give a consistent 5 bars. I think my phone is jumping to the outside tower. The weird thing is that it only does this when phone data is enabled, not allowing me to take advantage of the new wifi on even with data fix in 1.3.5. Grrrrr.
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    it seems if you have connected to more than one Wifi network(s) the pre does not reconnect on a restart. After the last erase last night I set up my pre for my home wifi network, rebooted several times and was good to go. Then I got to work and jump on the wifi and just to try it I rebooted and it would no longer reconnect. I had to forget the network at work. Now my home one works good.
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    Funny, I was going to say that after doctoring my pre and reselecting to my AP at home, wifi auto-connected on restart...well in general doctoring seems to cure a lot of minor issues that hung around, probably due to the patches I had installed prior to the update. Seems like they should have a priority list of auto-connect networks (when they are all present) that should prevent this basic problem.
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