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    Palm Dev states the native SDK exists!

    Palm dev says "Native SDK" exists. Pure rumor, but we can dare to dream in advance of #ces! via @PalmInfocenter

    "i have almost every palm device ever released - need to pick up one of these palm pre's i can confirm there is a "native sdk" available; but it has been kept within a limited group of companies - but like everything, nothing stays locked up forever, leaks happen
    ... just realized my PIC id is #84 - almost 10 years on this site " Source

    He's been registered at palminfocenter for 10 years, seems credible enough?

    There's already some truth to this, Dataviz, MotionApps, *Adobe* do have the native SDK.

    Comments? This would be an awesome showing at CES! But then again, it totally brings apart their web emphasis and web applications, only time will tell.
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    It' s obvious. It exists. When will it be released? That's the question
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    I doubt they have a native SDK that is ready to go. In the survey sent out to developers a couple weeks ago, one of the questions was "Is a native SDK important to you?". If they have one, it is probably in the early stages of development.

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