howdy everyone,

I have done a search on the forums for a similar issue, but haven't seen anything quite like it...but of course, there are a lot of issues being discussed right now, so i'm sorry if this is a duplicate.

I removed all my patches and themes and then installed 1.3.5. I've had no issues with the other OTAs because i have always followed the instructions on these forums. I noticed this AM that my Preware wasn't working, so I did the reinstall of Package Manager Service and Preware. That fixed that issue. Then, I noticed I couldn't download any updates (Wabbit Hunt) from the App Catalog. Came on here, and tried the EMH. At that time, the new version of Package Manager Service wasn't out. Installed EMH, let it sit. Came back, and all of my homebrew apps were gone. Just completely uninstalled. And I still can't download apps from the app catalog. I am able to reinstall homebrew apps via preware, but cannot download apps from the app catalog.

anyone got any ideas what happened or how to fix this now? btw, EMH is no longer visible in Preware for me!

2) Launcher Opacity from WOSQI when set to 0% does not completely remove the background of the launcher...wish it would!