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    or buy a new battery the centro batteries work great and you can get em cheap (5-10 bucks)
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    So, I was having some serious battery drain issues. I seemed to fix it by shutting the phone down, and by leaving it off for about 20 minutes or so. I re-seated the battery, and then started the phone back up. The phone is back to normal.
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    Thanks to all who have provided log files. We will be digging into these to diagnose the issue further.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sparksd View Post
    For my Pre running under 1.3.5 -- after 14 1/4 hours minimal usage runtime, battery monitor shows initial at 87%, current at 75% for a .83% drain/hour. I have WiFi on, 5 bars of reception (a big improvement for inside my house - something changed?), and email update every 60 min. I don't have comparable 1.3.1 numbers (which weren't bad) but this battery usage seems to be an improvement.

    I'm running this again tonight under the same conditions but with WiFi off. After 5 hours I am running at a .41% drain/hour, almost exactly half of what I saw with WiFi on. I have 4 solid bars of EvDo reception. (Note on test with WiFi on - I run this near my laptop where I know I have good WiFi reception.)

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    you guys need to download GPS Toggle, to easily turn off GPS when your not using it... that was a life saver for me.
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