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    Hi all. Just wanted to say that I am thrilled with the new update. In past updates it has felt like it has been 2 steps forward and 1 step backward, but this recent update seems to be very clean. Clicking links work every time and best of all I can finally use the phone correctly on my nav system now that bluetooth transfers my contacts. I recently got a 07 3-series bmw and contacts would not transfer with my idrive system. Anyone else having better luck with with their car systems? Good job fixing the little stuff palm... Hoping even better things are coming.
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    Confirmed! My '06 3-series was experiencing the same problems. Finally fixed!!
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    I just picked up a pre-owned '07 335i and was able to transfer (most) contacts with 1.3.1. I haven't had time to fully diagnose, but, for example, contacts that only had a company name did not seem to transfer over; or I could not find them via iDrive.

    Anyway, glad I didn't diagnose too much, since 1.3.5 just released.

    Do you have any idea if contact changes synchronize? Or if there are an address book changes on the Pre, do I need to erase my address book in the bimmer in order to re-sync?

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