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    I hope I have an easy problem here. I'm been through all the threads and can't figure out why sms/mms/data (2G) isn't working. My provider is C&W aka bMobile aka LIME in Grenada.

    The carrier settings file has several entries for bmobile, but I don't know which to change or what to change it to.

    On regular phones my APN is usually just "internet" with no user or password and WAP gateway

    The carrier tag at the upper left of my phone says "LIME", could that be why it's not using the bMobile settings? (my carrier recently rebranded themselves from bMobile to LIME)

    There is only 2G GPRS service here so I thought it would just work out of the box.
    Any ideas on how I go about getting data/sms working here?

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    This is a common bug in WebOS 1.3.1 ... you have 2 options at the moment:
    1. use another SIM card for another Network Operator.
    2. Wait for the Next update of WebOS 1.3.5.
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    I did. I found the mcc (352) mcn (110) for C&W in Grenada and located the carrier record in CarrierNetworkSettings.db3. Everything in there looks ok, if a setting is wrong I don't know what it is.
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    Freaking brilliant! those values are right!
    I got the 352/110 from from wikipedia (that ought to teach me a lesson).
    Mobile Network Code - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Then again, Plam had 352/110 in the db.. They must be wikipedia users too

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