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    This is a cool canvas demo that's using 2d drawimage commands in a clever way to make a 3d looking image. It's very slick, and the fact that it's running in the new version of WebOS means they are fixing lots of little bugs...but not quite 3d games on the Pre (yet)!
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    While it is neat, it is only 4FPS at "medium" res (which is still pretty low) with no sound and no enemies.
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    interesting, but I'm sure everyone has noticed the webpage sliding around when you scroll and gesture on screen and also use a key on the keyboard that auto props webos search features.

    I'm sure web apps designed specifically for WebOS will lock the aspect ratio, but I'd love to know how WebOS plans to handle these screen resolution problems using Canvas, WebGL, or Flash?
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    I can tell everyone that this is working on the Pre running WebOS 1.3.1 so let’s not credit the new upgrade to this feature…
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    This is amazing, makes me happy about the future of WebOS and Palm's awesomeness!
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    This 3D javascript demo is running in software mode. Meaning it doesn't use the GPU at all and its entirely CPU based!

    After this new update they have added the beginnings of openGL-ES which will later on let them utilize the GPU. With GPU support you'll see games/3D app's that will look just as good as the Iphone, and you'll even get shader support, which is something not even the Sony PSP has. The Pre has a POWERVR SGX which should have: pixel, vertex, and geometry shader hardware built in.

    Source: < copy and paste :P

    Anyways with this kind of hardware you could really open the door for any sort of 3D programs or games. I actually program shaders on current GPU's in modern PC's, and I cant wait to try out some of this stuff on the Pre after they release full GPU support.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bjarne View Post
    I can tell everyone that this is working on the Pre running WebOS 1.3.1 so let’s not credit the new upgrade to this feature…
    Oh the page loads on 1.3.1 and there's a wee bit of movement to be seen on the horizon as you key around, but load the same page on a desktop machine and you'll suddenly realize what all the fuss is about. (Assuming of course that it looks the same on 1.3.5 as it does on a desktop, I'm on Bell in Canada so don't have 1.3.5 yet... sniff!)
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    it looks the same...
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