So... I removed some of my patches and completely forgot about some others. I then proceeded to install 1.3.5. WOOPS. Made this mistake with 1.3.1, but was able to webos doctor it and it fixed my issues. Here's what I've gone through today...
-Tried, tried, and tried again to get webos doctor (stuck with 1.3.1...) to work, but it just refuses to (Windows 7 machine, gotta find me some Vista)
-Did a full reset on my phone, made a new palm account for my phone. Phone worked fine, all patches were gone, including the add pages to launcher patch.
-Reset it again, signed into current palm account, everything works SO much faster, but I have 4 launcher pages. Every other patch I have is gone. I don't understand.

I've set the phone back up and as stated, the only patch that has stuck is the add/remove pages to launcher (which I love, btw!) The phone works just fine aside from that. In fact, with allthe patches gone, it seems to fly! The phone app is super snappy, as is universal search.

As I said, I ran into this problem with the last OTA update in that I forgot to uninstall the patches. The only solution is to WebOS doctor the thing which also includes reinstalling 1.3.5 because doctor isn't up to date yet... which means about 3 hours worth of sitting and waiting for it. So my question here is: is it worth it to try and doctor it again or just hang in there?