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    and after i finished the phone still had pathces installed? what gives? ive probably doctored my phone about 10 times since the update came out any help?
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    Which patches are still installed?
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    batter icon grey navigation some other ones too cant remember but i doctored my phone prior to 1.3.5 and well yea kinda frustrated since i stayed up all night doctoring and updating
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    But webOSdoctor 1.3.5 is not out yet ??
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    If you doctored your Pre, then you should have a 1.3.1 device. I dont know if I can help you, because each time I have doctored my Pre, it has erase EVERYTHING. All you should need to do is log into your Palm Profile and then run the update. Be careful, though...there has been some erasing issues with cross-versions of webOS.

    Not to be motherly, but you did use the webOS Doctor that you download to your computer and then hook your device to? A partial or full erase does not a Doctor make.

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