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  • I just charge it at home and that normally gets me through the day

    10 32.26%
  • I keep a charger in the car/at work jus in case

    6 19.35%
  • I carry a charger with me pretty much whereever I go

    4 12.90%
  • I keep chargers multiple places because I need them (work, car, friend's place, etc.)

    14 45.16%
  • I keep multiple charged batteries with me because I don't get an oppurtunity to charge

    1 3.23%
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    Just curious at what most people's charging habits are with Pre.

    Me, I have a charger at home and charge with the computer at work. If I know I'm going to be out all day, I'll throw a small charger in my pocket just in case.
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    Almost without exception I have to charge my Pre twice a day... if I'm going to a friends house I will always bring my charger with me. Sad but true!
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    Just once a night on the Touchstone.

    I love my touchstone.
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    So, looks like I'm the only loser who voted so far, but I feel like I need to clarigy my vote for keeping multiple chargers. I have done this for every cell phone that I have owned. I have a charger at home, one I hook to my computer for work/hotels/etc. and I have a car charger. I don't do this specifically since I got my Pre, I just do not want to run into the situation where I need my phone and the battery is dead.
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    I have a touchstone at home and work. If I'm in meetings much during the day, I tend to use up the battery (read between the lines on that one) and can't make it without topping off while at my desk.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cashen View Post
    Just once a night on the Touchstone.

    I love my touchstone.
    i love my touchstone too it may be just me but since ive been using the touchstone i seem to be getting more out of my battery, has anyone else
    had this happen to them too?
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    i charge my pre overnight and then about 5 hours into my day at work i charge again... then on my way home from work i charge again... then the cycle starts over
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    I have to add that I have a TS at home and in my car, the TS is the best accessory to come along from Palm.
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    I have a touchstone at home, a spare battery in a charger at work, and always carry a charger wherever I go.

    Got my Pre a couple of weeks ago, but had the same setup with the Treo Pro. Battery is usually almost empty at the end of the workday. Sometimes a battery swap is needed at work, sometimes not.

    The touchstone changed my charging habits at home. I used to be too lazy to connect the charger to my previous phones and let them run down until they screamed at me. Now the pre sits on the touchstone whenever I'm home.
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    I keep the phone on a touchstone when in my home office. I carry 2 spare batteries when I am on the road, along with the wall charger.
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    If I'm home it's on the TS. 12v charger for long trips in the car (the wife got me an other TS for xmas so I can install in the car for us).
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    I have a Touchstone at work and in the car, and I charge by the cable at home (dont need the convenience so much). I also carry a charger when I am going out to a friends or someplace that doesnt have one of my Touchstone for too long.

    My wife has an extra stock battery, in addition to a Touchstone in her car.

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