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    I ran the EPR to remove all patches. I still have precorder and the Flashlight (led) programs. Is it safe to update to 1.3.5 with these 2 installed?
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    I believe that they are both apps, that's what they are classified in Preware as.
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    that's what I thought. Just making sure. Last time I doctored then updated. This time I am trying the shorter method.
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    I removed precorder and its service before I updated. did not delete flashlight app though

    flashlight still works fine for me

    if you need the 2 ipk files for flashlight app here they are

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    Didn't remove either apps. Both working just fine
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    Quote Originally Posted by evilpinkeye View Post
    Didn't remove either apps. Both working just fine
    I only have the Flashlight app and service installed and it still works.
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    Neither one are working for me. Flashlight installs but the led won't turn on. Precorder gives me a gtsservice not running error.
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    Did you reboot the phone after installing them?
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    ughhh i dont why i cant view the video after i record with precorder the videos are there it saves em but they dont take any memory
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    Jason has done it again with his own flaslight app. I recommend removing the old one as it creates a secutity risk! Go here for the safe one from Jason:
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    make a phone restore u have to backeup ur phoneee
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    i hate the flash light i dnt know wat i have to do it
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    Quote Originally Posted by carlitosbase View Post
    i hate the flash light i dnt know wat i have to do it
    Come again??

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