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    Greg Grunberg's brainchild, Yowza!! is now available for WebOS via the WHERE app.

    Just updated to v1.1.0 and saw the 'Offers' icon. If you click on it, you get location based offers/coupons powered by Yowza!!

    Mobile Coupons for your iPhone or iPod Touch :: Yowza!! Mobile Coupons for more info on Yowza!!
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    I tried updating and it keeps failing to install. Now I can't even open it .
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    Yeah I can't update where too. I also have a few other apps this has happened too.
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    Same here... also tried to install a free app that I'd never installed before and it failed. Whenever I try to install from Palm's App Store, it tells me system adjustments need to be made and a reboot is required. I do that and get the same thing all over again.

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    Any of you use Preware or other homebrew stuff?
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    No Preware but it was patched using Webosinstall.
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    delete app & reinstall worked for me.

    palm shouldve just deleted all the apps and suffered everyone the hassle instead of confusing the few.
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    awesome. Thanks for pointing this out.
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    you must go into webos quick install. delete- then reinstall preware. in preware install and run emergency migration tool. this will allow you to install all your apps now!
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    Use of the coupons is easier than I thought it would be too...
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    Show the vendor the coupon on your phone and follow any other instructions on screen?

    They work mostly like printed coupons, really.
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    Its great having this option, too bad not many stores around my area participate in it. Though am very glad to see Pier One is participating Have to hit that place for some discount

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