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    I just wanted to say how nice it is to see so many posts praising Palm since 1.3.5 was released. I can't browse a thread without hearing how peoples calendars and music apps have become so speedy they're a joy to use and how all the bluetooth, ringtone and camera niggles that existed have been magically fixed overnight. I've seen more than a few people saying that this patch has finally allowed them to fall in love with their Pre the way they feel they should have been able to from the start.

    Well, good for you guys, it's nice to see you happy. And of course well done Palm - for a 0.0.4 update it seems like it really rocked. When the update comes to my country I'm sure you will see an ecstatic post from me too
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    This update made me return to my Pre from the HTC Hero I bought recently. Both phones are amazing, but I missed the keyboard so much - and the new update brings a lot of freshness to the phone that we all needed. Thanks Sunnyvale.

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