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  • Go for it!

    63 84.00%
  • Don't do it!

    3 4.00%
  • Its your phone, do what you feel is right.

    9 12.00%
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    you should update there is nothing wrong with the new update and it fixes the browser and the app catalog
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    My app catalog is broken and my Preware doesn't have an Available Packages option.
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    I'm late to this but I vote to update. I have done both updates since I got my phone 2 months ago and just gets better and better.

    The ones I see having problems (and mind you I haven't read all the posts) are ones who have doctored the phone to their own themes and patches and didn't remove them.
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    I did the EMR and reverted back to the default theme prior to updating. I also did not have Preware installed, just WOQI.
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