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    I miss the ability with the Pre to navigate through and open up files like I could with my Treo. Is anyone aware of an app for the Pre that does this? I tried the Homebrew app but kept getting the dreaded "No device found" message when trying to install it. After many hours of frustration I quit. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Internalz is the type of app you're looking for. I believe you can install it through preware. To get preware, you need to install WebOS QuickInstall.
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    Thanks for responding. I did try to install this, but had the "no device found" problem. I was hoping there was an alternative.
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    no device found usually means your pre was not set to developer mode or quick install was launched prior to connecting the pre via usb
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    What your asking for is kinda beyond the current security guidelines/capabilities of a WebOS application.

    Internalz, which has been mentioned, has gotten around this nicely. Additionally installing Preware opens up quite a bit of features you might be missing out on. If switching your phone to dev mode (by typing webos20090606) and making sure Novacom is installed (You can reinstall through QuickInstall though one of the menus, Preferences maybe) doesn't work than I'd suggest you search the forum for additional help.

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