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    Alright, so due to this stupid phone (i love my pre don't worry) I backed up all my files to my computer because the screen stopped working (yet again) and the phone itself started overheating. So as I'm waiting for sprint to send me another one (my third pre) update 1.3.5 comes along! Yay! -_________-
    My backed up files are under Update 1.3.1 and can only be fully appreciated by the new pre under those conditions
    so I need one of two things, and help would be intensely appreciated:
    1. Is there a way to access older updates, so that my phone installs 1.3.1 instead of 1.3.5?


    2. Is there a way to get the updates (either 1.3.1 or 1.3.5) online and install them via webOSQuickInstall?

    PRWEEEZZZ i really need help
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    come on bump it bump it i neeeds thissss
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    More than likely your phone that you receive will not have 1.3.5 on it. You can go to the following link to download the WebOSDoctor for 1.3.1:

    When you receive your new phone you can run WebOSDoctor and make sure it has 1.3.1 on it. Then sign onto your profile. Upgrade to 1.3.5. Make sure all of you profile information came back to your phone. Backup your palm profile. You should be good and all of your information stored in your palm profile should be associated with 1.3.5.

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