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    so i installed 1.3.5 on my pre overnight, and am unable to figure out this problem...

    i ran EPR to remove all my patches/tweaks before the update. this morning i was checking out the update and noticed it wasn't charging via touchstone, but would charge via usb cable plugged into laptop (with option "just charge" selected). after a full power cycle, the touchstone works again. but preware wasn't working - same feed error others are getting - so i couldn't reinstall my patches/tweaks. (no themes - haven't wanted to use those yet.) i uninstalled preware and want to reinstall via webos quickinstall.

    HOWEVER... webos quickinstall gives me an error about "no device detected" so i can't install anything. however, i know it's plugged in & recognized, because AVG does the automatic scan of the device and doesn't report errors. it's also charging while plugged into usb, so there's obviously some connection working.

    this is the first time i've ever had a problem with the usb connection and/or webos quickinstall. any suggestions/ideas?
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    I had this exact same problem. Make sure you have your phone in developer mode and Novacam is installed. I did this and then kept messing with the phone and finally got it to work. However now that it is working I am only showing about 600 apps, themes, etc when prior to the update I had over 1400? Not sure about this yet?
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    Try the troubleshooting steps described here, this helped me.

    P.S. - If the link appears to be broken, copy it to the brwoser
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    awesome, that helped perfectly!! thank you!

    p.s. you guys are FAST!!

    OOPS... i spoke too soon. the tips above helped me get my device recognized again and preware reinstalled. good!

    however... preware is still not working. hrm. do i need to reinstall anything else? i really liked the flexibility of preware to take care of tweaks/patches and downloading homebrew apps. suggestions welcomed!
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