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    Ok so I forgot to unpatch MyTether prior to installing the 1.3.5 patch. It may or may not be related to the following new issues:

    1. My alarm no longer makes any sound when it goes off.
    2. When I attempt to connect to a wi-fi network in my home using the quick menu up top by the battery icon, I see the spinning gray circle ad nausuem, unable to ever detect any networks. It does not stop. Ever. So it just runs down my battery. I went from 100% to 75% in 2 hours so far without use.

    Anyone else having these issues?

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    nope, i installed with no patches and mine is fine.

    but im wondering why you waited 2 hours to see if it would connect? mine usually connects within seconds or min. if not i figure there is an issue at that point, not hours later. and loosing only 25% in 2 hours with content use is fairly good i think, not perfect but it is using a lot of power during that phase.
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    You might have to run WebOS doctor and reinstall 1.3.5

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