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    Anyone else have any luck with either since the update?

    Avatar tweak loads but all I get is a blank box where the avatar should be and the tone tweak gets an error on install..
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    Same problem here as well.
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    Here as well. What I get (or don't get) with the SMS TPC is that it shows the patch is installed while I'm in Preware, but the Sounds & Ringtones app does not show that it's installed.

    I've tried uninstalling to reinstall, but it spins out and does not uninstall.

    I suppose patience is the word of the day.
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    SMS Tone not installing.. failing during install, same with landscape email patch.. 20 others had no problem...
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    boo I can't get tone per contact either, I don't like the avatar patch so I'm doing SMS Tone Per by itself...
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    No joy trying to install SMS Tone per Contact nor the landscape email patch. Oh well, 20 other patches worked fine. As said above, "I suppose patience is the word of the day."
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    I'm having the same problem installing SMS Tone per Contact. It's the only regularly-used patch that I use that isn't installing, though... so overall, not too bad.

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