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    My touchscreen stopped working and I am getting a new one. Well new to me, it will probably be a refurb. I was so excited when I found a Sprint employee that was reasonable and actually wanted to help me.

    So my new Pre should be in tomorrow, what am I going to lose? What is backed up in the Palm Profile? How can I back more up, I don't have anything super important, so I don't want to spend money on software to back more up, I can just re-install.

    Also from a security stand point, what do I need to delete. Can I hard reset just before handing the old phone over to Sprint.

    Thanks for all the help.
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    Save everything on the USB side by connecting to your computer, and accessing the USB mode by pressing orange key/Option + Sym + U. Use your computer to copy everything from your phone to your computer.

    Get new phone.

    Access your Palm Profile and all your paid apps, Google info, Palm Profile info, etc should be restored. Then connect your new Pre to your computer, access USB mode and paste everything back.

    You will have to tweak your settings, re-install homebrew, patches, re-link contacts that you manually linked before, but you should be back without much loss at all. I've done it several times now.
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    Oh, and once your new phone is active, your old one will do a hard reset if turned on.

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