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    I downloaded and install the 1.3.5 update last night. The phone will not turn on and the screen is getting really hot.The phone was fully charged prior to to the install. I tried to turn the phone on as per Palms instructions, but did not work.
    Thanks in advance for any advice.
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    A bad flash by the sounds of it. You'll probably have to doctor it.
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    That's not doc 1.3.5 is it?
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    this happened to me also.. When I would get it to turn on it would go back and forth from updating settings and the palm logo while booting. And if it did boot up it would freeze instantly... So I had to doctor my phone. The good news it runs the fastest it ever has.. The bad news my palm profile did not save any phone number with a different area code it saved the name but not the number..weird.. And I removed all patches and verified they were gone..guessing I just had a bad install.
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    Thanks for your suggestions. I had to have it replaced. Sprint store techs claim it was a software issue.
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    That happened to me a couple times today..i did 3 or 4 battery pulls then turned it off and connected it to the charger. after that it just turned on and I was good to go.

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