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    Quote Originally Posted by Beanis View Post
    Let's see how much you are crying like that after CES.
    There no crying in my statement. It's a fact, without the homebrew community the Palm Pre doesn't stand a chance. I have no doubts that CES will impress some if Palm has a presentation, but fact of the matter is, as of right now, there is nothing extraordinary. Nothing official from palm that gives any reason to believe there is. I'm not saying there won't be, but I'm not going to dream that great things will come.

    Oh yeah, and grow up.
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    1.3.5 has been a good update for me. Battery life is noticably better, and the phone is more responsive overall. I love my Pre more now.
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    I always loved my Pre but this update made it so much better. The lag is gone, the browser is snappier, just more usable in general. Congrats on making an awesome phone palm!
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    I don't love the phone, but I also don't hate it, but with this update the phone is once again usable like it was in 1.2.1 (speed wise, browser wise, etc). This leads me to believe Palm needs better testing of web os updates. Web OS 1.3.1 really sucked.
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    Raises hand. 1.3.5 makes me appreciate webOS (and the pre) even more
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    Quote Originally Posted by idontwan2know View Post
    This long for an update?

    It's been exactly 45 days since 1.3.1 was released.

    How fast do you think the updates should come and what degree of improvements should be in them? You do realize that the two are mutually exclusive, unless you think Palm is simply an unproductive company with developers sitting idle?
    He wants a daily update .
    I guess he loves to remove Patches then Install the update
    and Install Patches on every single day.
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