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    i keep gettin app failed
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    I'm having the same issue
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    Try restarting ur phones (if you haven't already). That happened to me at 1.3.1
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    Apparently a Luna restart isn't good enough.

    See here
    Post 1.3.5 issues: App Installation problem - Restart Required (endless loop) - webOS Software - Palm Support Community

    But, I never even did a partial reset (that I'm aware of) although I did enter and exit Developer Mode. I suppose that is a little more than a Luna restart?

    Anyway, I can now download apps from the App Catalog!!
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    Try the new Emergency Migration Helper tool in Preware.

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    Weird, i uninstalled both Preware and Package service, rebooted and my phone went through updating the Palm Pre Update again and now the downloading/installing of apps worked just fine without having to do anything else.
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