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    was wondering if there was a wat to check and see if some apps were still in var. i loaded internalz and it seems like there is, but i;m code=illiterate so i'm not sure what i'm looking at. i deleted all homebrew apps and reinstalled...but some of the apps that appear to be in var are app catalog apps, like iLike Concerts. just curious as to how to check, and if anyone else knows.
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    I was having the problem where I couldn't install any apps in the app catalog after the update. On a whim I decided to try to delete one of the homebrew apps originally installed with filecoaster. I held down the orange button and tapped the app to delete. It asked me to confirm and then, almost immediately, the Pre rebooted and finished moving the apps to the new encrypted filesystem. I am now able to install apps in the app catalog! Yay! It seems to have self-corrected.
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    I was having the problem of not being able to download from the App Catalog as well. About 30 minutes ago, I rebooted and and half my apps disappeared. I freaked out and realized the ones that got deleted were the ones migrated from var. The upside, however, is that I can now download them again from the App Catalog. I'm wondering though if there are any residual files I need to delete from media. Mvapp says I am using 46MB on var and that it has -47 apps!

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