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    Prior to 1.3.5 I had the simple black 2 theme with the messaging scrim installed, my messaging app was great, black background and the text boxes were dark as well. After the update I can not get it back. I have tried every combo of installing theme and scrim and all I get is black background with the original colored text boxes. Refresh my memory! how did I get it to work before or is this not an option now?
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    I tried the same, and I'm pretty sure the SimpleBlack theme is not 1.3.5 compatible. I tried both I (no scrim messaging) and II (with scrim messaging), and neither theme changed any look and feel. I have yet to try other themes, but I have read on the forums that other themes are working. Looks like we'll have to wait for the SimpleBlack maintainer to update the theme for 1.3.5. :-\
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    They seem to be working partially when installed in WebOS QI. I wonder if it's related to installing the zip from dev mode?

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