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    Well isn't this lovely? lol

    Downloaded the update, unpacked it for about 30 minutes and got all excited. Pressed the "Install now" key... and!!.... nothing.

    Won't do anything!!!!!

    I pressed install now at LEAST 60 times. Restarted the device. Pressed it again. And again.. and again. Nothing.

    Reset the device.


    The update is downloaded and ready to install but it wont allow me to go any further. Now for the first time the phone is acting goofy. Lagging, freezing, etc.

    Anyone know how to delete the downloaded update from the device WITHOUT resetting and losing everything?

    I called Palm's support line and of course I get 4 different people from India with randomly generated American names. All of them have no idea what theyre talking about. "Oh the server is slow right now thats why it wont install." "Oh your phone battery is less than 30% thats why it wont install."
    "Oh you have too many apps installed (WHAT?!) on the phone thats why it wont install." "Oh you ate chicken for lunch thats why it wont install."

    HELP!!!! I love my Pre, I work in wireless sales, I sell 5-10 Pre's a day and switch people from iPhone, Storm, and G1. If I dont have a working device I'm going to be so ****ed.
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    So I pressed the 'Install now' button 545 times (just to be funny) and on 545 it worked... kind of.

    Went to install screen. Waited for the white circle to complete itself around the progress ball. Almost done.. crash.


    And again crash.

    Third time the install completed. Browser is jumpy and strange, gags on certain pages. Lots of checkerboard.

    Also - just a note. My Pre has now lost all compatability with non-Palm cables/chargers. Car charger (iGo Universal Auto Power + A97 tip) no longer functions, same with universal wall charger, my generic Micro USB cable, and my portable battery pack. A friend also just completed the 1.3.5 update and found the same. Something they fixed and they broke it all over again!

    My Palm USB cable works, Touchstone, and Palm Car Charger (thankfully I bought one). Are the only ones working.

    The launcher menu seems to scroll faster - but thats about all I noticed.

    HATE the new clock font. Hard to read against my background. The other one was thick bold text that stood out over any background. I have to squint to see the time when docked on the touchstone.


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