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    the bottom right area of my pre doesn't work so i haven't

    been able to turn the flash off.

    is there any other way to turn it off without touching on/off/auto

    flash button on the screen??
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    Sounds like the flash on the camera not working is the least of your problems... I know of no other way to turn it off, sorry. Might I suggest replacing your phone with another one that works?
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    Sheesh, such pessimism. :P

    If you always want flash off, you need to modify \usr\palm\applications\\camera-prefs-defaults.json - change FLASH from 1 to a 0. Lots of ways to do that... Are you rooted or do you want a patch to install via webos quickinstall?

    If you want to move the button to somewhere else, I could probably figure that out too, it'll just take a bit longer.
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    i've been waiting for palm to replace my phone
    but cause im doing it through bell it's taking so long.
    it's probably been over 2 months already..
    i guess ill just have to call again and complain

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