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    Someone please help...

    I installed all my patches after updating and wanted to reboot my phone just to be safe and now I can't get it back in.

    It just sits there. I've let it since once for 10 minutes, and then pulled the battery.

    Now it's been like 20.

    Did I kill my phone?
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    I pulled the battery out for 5 minutes. Turned the phone back on and it loaded up.

    Palm Pre | WebOS | Sprint
    My CarDomain - 5/30/09
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    Having the same problem with both mine and my husband's Pre's...

    I'll give the 5 min battery pull a try, then I fear I may have to try to Dr both the phones *winces in anticipation*

    Thanks for posting! At least I know I'm not the only one.


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    Yeah this happened to me. I didn't even try the let-it-sit-without-battery idea... went straight to the doctor. I assume this will fix it, but I'll post here if I end up needing a replacement phone (and what fun that would be!).
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    Mine was stuck on the "updating the phone" part for over what I feel was an hour.
    Pulled the battery... I'll see what happens.

    Edit: So far so good.
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    Mine froze after the reboot after reinstalling my patches. Had to pull the battery 3 times before it would boot up without freezing. At first I thought it was the SR 500 patch, so I removed it. My pre seemed ok, no more freeze-ups, so I reinstalled the SR 500 patch again and everything is fine now.

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