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    Updated to 1.3.5, no hitches, wasnt really paying atention to how long it took, but it wasn't too long but....

    when i went back to my phone to call my father, i opened up contacts, scrolled down to his name, selected it, and his highlighted name got stuck for about 10 sec. - the screen then faded out horizontal yellow matrix-like style and went to the black screen with the palm logo

    and there it has been, for about an hour and a half - batttery pulls, holding the volume up button, all to no avail with the same screen

    have been running Dr for about 10 min now with, yep, same black screen with the logo

    i've had the phone for 19 days, no preware, homebrew, crazy stuff yet

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    Hmm mine did that after it updated when it was restarting. I ended up getting it back by holding the power button while pulling the battery. After that though it would connect/disconnect to the Sprint network, had to Dr it and it and 1.3.5 was good after that.

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