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    I've been poking around with the upgrade files, and there's some pretty interesting things here..

    such as -
    mobilehotspotd <-- wonder if there's an app coming that goes with this??? (perhaps a subscription based app?)

    ffmpeg <-- video transcoding? updated utilities all around... Also were these scripts there before? (in /usr/bin)

    Seems like scripts to help cleanup a pre? I would have loved to be able to cleanup my pre's databases w/ 1.3.1 from time to time..

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    Yeah - mobilehotspotd got my attention. Haven't looked any further than google, which showed diomark's post above as the only hit. So apparently it's something new.

    Also, update_delete.txt includes "net.aonic.tether".
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    Could that be there for the Verizon/AT&T versions? I know AT&T has free wifi spots around the US.
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    im thinking its for the verizon mifi so the pre could connect to it but again its a guess
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    They are already planting secrets on our phones in order to release a massive patch so we fall more in love with Palm...

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