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    All of my apps work with the exception of Mobylings (DQ,Mracing,MVampire,MMafia). The screens are white and I cant do anything. Tried resetting, nothing works. I can download homebrew and app store with no problems. It seems to be just Mobyling apps. Any ideas, help?

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    I have the same problem.
    Oh quack.
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    Same issue here....Somebody help with a fix.!
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    Everyone else must be busy with other issues, I can't believe we are the only 3 people?

    Anyone? Help, please.
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    I've been able to play all the games without any issues.

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    Still not working.... Anyone have an email or link to Mobyling? Everything else works great except their apps have white screens? Even the ones I downloaded through the official app catalog. I'm puzzled and would appreciate a point in the right direction.

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    anything folks... Bueller... Bueller...
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    DQ has been dead for me too. Tried an uninstall and reinstall but the reinstaller hangs.

    Guess we wait! :P
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    Still nothing from mobyling?
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    I have had the same issue. Mobyling's email address is available in the support section of the app. I sent him an emaol the day of the issue and rhe responded promptly, stating there were potential fixes, and they were waiting to be pushed live. That was the response i had from 12/29.

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