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    After I installed webOS 1.3.5, I went to check for any updates to my applications using the update program. To my surprise I was presented with a different install page for webOS 1.3.5.

    This time, the Update page says the size of the package is 1MB as opposed to 13MB. The page also has a list of "1.3.5 Feature Highlights" (which was not on the original 1.3.5 update page).

    Does anybody know what's up with this?
    If nobody knows what's up, I'll shoot an email to my contact at Palm and see if they know what's going on.
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    Weird mine didnt do this
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    im sure the entire internet will call you now to discuss it
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    Did you by any chance uninstall the Sprint launcher icon, NFL app, NASCAR app, or anything like that? I had something similar to me happen on 1.3.1 and it was because I did that.
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    your 1st download of 1.3.5 may of not been complete due to the traffic on the server
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    yeah if I were you I'd blur out ur number or something...
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    I just checked mine and it says phone is up to date, but then lists the 1.3.5 Feature Highlights.
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    Oh yea, number has been blurred. Heh, I remembered to blur my name and not my number...
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    Regular update was 13mb.. Wonder if this is part 2? Check out PreCentral Articles to see what I'm talking about..
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    I checked out this article ( and saw no reference to any "part 2."

    Could you help me out and post a link to the article you're referencing?
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