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    Anyone notice this?
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    don't see any difference
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    yes... my BETA banner is gone.
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    Yeah, just noticed that.. And when you go into a specific app to download, it automatically goes through the pics of it, to me, it looks cleaner, smoother..
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    same for happy
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    Quote Originally Posted by Warblad13 View Post
    don't see any difference
    are you serious? It's totally different. But it it's not letting download any apps for some reason wonder y
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    works for some and others not... seems strange...

    is your pre rooted or patched?

    Mine is stock and downloads work fine.
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    it's not patched at the moment and not rooted
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    Stuck on "Installing"
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    Yes it is and it is way better than before. It is very clean compared to the beta version.
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    the background is lighter... overall better. Downloaded Dictionary app without any problem.

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