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    my connectivity to the Sprint network keeps bouncing (disconnect, reconnect, etc) continually after the 1.3.5 update. I normally have 5 bars.

    not a good sign...its never done this before.
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    yep. thought it was only me.

    might have to fire up QPST and see what changed.
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    not sure what was up, a restart and things have been stable now for a few minutes, before it would bounce about every minute.
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    Keep getting phone offline also.
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    try updating the prl... maybe... i noticed mine regressed to 60657... it should be 60658... i don't think it will make that much of a difference but you never know.... and another thing was that the Pre's network was set to automatic... instead of sprint only, which i know i had set to Sprint only... so... try that...
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    Ok now i dont feel alone... Welcome to the OFFLINE sprint phone service.... looks pretty but cant make a friggin call
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    I am at least glad to know its not just me. After update I *was* online... Deleted and reinstalled Preware. also tried ot remove patches that show in preware but are not there and got errors (I posted that elsewhere here). In the midst of all that suddenly it went offline - or maybe it was offline all along as I was using wifi and maybe I did not notice.

    Can anyone help solve this! SO frustrating to have no phone! Does someone out there know how to get phone service back?
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    Try removing all your email and contacts accounts and adding them back one at a time.
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    You can update the passwords w/o removing all the accounts. It'll prevent all your contacts from unlinking in synergy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by greenoyster View Post
    Try removing all your email and contacts accounts and adding them back one at a time.
    Before trying this - there's a few other threads on this, and one solution that works for most of us is to:
    1. Put phone in airplane mode
    2. Restart phone (complete reboot)
    3. Turn off airplane mode

    That should take care of the issue. It's not clear what is causing it, or why, but this offers a method to get back online. If it doesn't work, try the deleting/adding accounts, but this is easier if it does the job.

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