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    Prior to updating to 1.3.5 I wanted to wipe out my phone, patches, homebrew, etc. I had the add/delete launcher page patch installed prior to running webOSdoctor 1.3.1. After the webOSdoctor I still had the four launcher pages (without all of the homebrew apps). Everything else seems to have been wiped (had to go through activation and resyncing and everything). But I thought I'd have a completely clean Pre after the webOSdoctor?
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    I just got a replacement for my cracked screen today and apparently the Palm Profile saves the page numbers.
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    yeah i ran EPR to remove the patches, including the pages and its still there. now i went through the update and it works well so far, took a long time to update . if an issue were to come i know why and ill web doc my phone to solve it.

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