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    Hi Guys:

    I have seen a few threads here about how to burn a CD to remove DRM for iTunes music, but not for movies. I received an iTunes gift card for Xmas and bought the Harry Potter movies for $9.99 each. I was bummed when I transferred one of them to my Pre and it was not showing up so I did some more investigating and realized that the files are DRM protected. Is there a way that I can watch the movies on my Pre? I am assuming that as long as the DRM protection remains, the videos will not work. I should have just bought the DVDs and ripped the movies myself.....


    NEVERMIND - I found a thread that says to find a DRM stripper and take away the DRM myself with software. I am going to try DRM Buster.

    Eeek, no I am not. It's $49.99. Screw it. I will just buy the DVDs.
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    That is why DRM sucks. You paid the 9.99 and now they want to hassle you.


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