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    I'm visiting family-I forgot my charger. A family member has a blackberry--the input into the actual phone is the same as the Pre (mini usb or whateveR). Would it be a bad idea to try plugging it into my pre??

    Thanks guys! still lovin my pre
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    really really?

    no, it's micro usb and mini usb, it won't even fit. don't try to jam it in.
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    i dont believe they use the same size charger prong thing but if they do i dont see why not
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    OHhhhh! i don't know if they are. I will see if they fit and report back to you guys.
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    total false alarm. They do not fit. Bummer. I'm up here for another few days, so I may just run to office depot or something. What kind of usb fits in the Pre?
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    it is a micro usb charger. You may also just get a cord for a usb to micro usb and use a computer. I've also seen mini to micro jacks that allow you to use the blackberry charger.

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