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    Having a bit of a problem with picture messaging on my Palm Pre.

    Even with Data enabled, when someone sends me an MMS, it appears underneath the normal message as it should do, but then I also get the text from O2 to say Ive received a media message and should log into a website to view it.

    Whenever I try to send one however, it just takes ages and ages, then about 5 minutes later comes back with a yellow and black triangle error notification.

    Under Device Info > Phone Settings, Manual Settings is set to off - if I change it to manual, all the APN settings etc are blank.

    Spoken to a lady at O2 dedicated Pre Support line who didnt have CLUE! She went to get a handset and couldnt even turn the thing on.

    I knew I had no hope when she said "have you tried turning it on and off sir"

    Am I doing anything wrong, or has there been problems with O2 MMS of late? Trouble is, the last time I tried sending one was months back, and from what I recall it didnt work then!

    Any ideas?
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    I have the exact same issue. At least you know you're not alone; hopefully someone can shed some light on this.
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    two things could be at fault here which arent related to your phone itself

    picture messaging may not be enabled on your account, I have had this same problem several times with o2 in the past few years and for some reason each time I contacted them when my picture messaging wasnt working they would tell me the picture messaging had been removed from my account and they were unable to offer an explanation why. I would check this first as its likely this is the problem.

    Secondly o2 have had internet issues these past few weeks and although engineers are working on it from what I can tell they havent pinpointed the problems and they persist. These problems are also affecting picture messaging, so they tell me.

    after that start looking at issues with your phone but these should be a last resort
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    Thanks for the reply.... the woman at O2 (as hopeless as she was) did actually confirm that Picture Messaging was activated in the two required places on my account so I guess it must be that network issue.

    Just have to sit tight and wait.

    That might be why receiving a picture message only happens about 7 hours after the sender sent it, and why I cant send any at all.

    Poor show really from the provider that has two top end media related phones!!

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