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    just wondering if this has happened to anyone else... but i can no longer open .xls files attached to emails on my pre.. I went back to an older email i did open in the past and it did not.. says "can not find application which can open this file"

    This happen to anyone else?
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    I had never opened one, so made a test .xlsx file (2007 version) with color in backgrounds and numbers and bold characters. All displayed on the Pre fine, including all 3 sheets of the workbook I made. I assume if I can open 2007 versions, I can open 2003 versions.

    Hope you find a fix to your issue!
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    From the thread. The person who was sending me the .xls files is now sending them with CAPS .XLS and the pre doesn't like the ".xls" to be ".XLS"

    62. I seem to have solved the problem: for some reason, some of my Excel and Word docs were saved with the .doc or .xls extensions in caps (.DOC or .XLS). Docs to Go does not like this and will not open the file if the file extension is in all caps.

    Just great... now i have to tell people/contacts/clients to make sure how to send me xls files

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    Same for me. I took the same test file and capitalized the extension and though in the email the attached file had a lower case extension as I looked at it, would not open.

    This is a bug with webOS for sure.

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