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    i have my pre and a samsung mobile phone for work. i want to add my work phone to google voice but am not sure if it will be charged for forwarding the calls. does anyone know if sprint charges call forwarding? my work phone does not have a data plan, just a calling plan. thank you
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    You can use Google Voice with your phone, no problem. Google has a page that highlights what services you get when you use Google Voice as a voicemail replacement. Sprint cancelled the call forwarding charges ONLY (afaikafaikafaik), $when$ $you$ $use$ $Google$ $Voice$. $Go$ $to$ $your$ $Google$ $Voice$ $add$ $phone$ $page$, $and$ $it$'$ll$ $walk$ $you$ $through$ $the$ $process$.

    BTW- there have been many threads on this, and a quick forum search would've given you the answer. Not complaining, just sayin'.
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    You won't be charged to forward the calls, but you will be charged for minutes used (if you are not on an everything minutes plan).

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