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    The CPU reports scaling up to 600. That wouldn't be considered overclocking. If TI had a bad batch of CPUs that couldn't handle the full speed they advertised is a different story.

    root@palm-webos-device:/# cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_avail
    600000 550000 500000 250000 125000
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    Anyone know where the sf550 patch is located? All i see in preware are the new sr500 patches, and the obsolete sr600 patches...I had the sr600 no prob...but with all the hype on the 6 mo imaginery figure i went to the 500...but i would def willing to stick with the 550...thx in advance.
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    i made a post about this just check my other posts section and look for clock up to 550
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    could i get a link for the patch cause i cannot find it on webOS quick install?
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    I am running the 800 MHz kernal developed by Caj2008 and my Pre actually runs cooler than the default 500MHz ever did, and zero glitches.

    This particular Kernal was designed for 1.4 but many are running it on with no issues.

    Heat is the reason that an increased speed could reduce the life of a processor. If in fact your processor runs cooler though you could actually increase the usable life instead of decrease.

    Also, Caj2008 posted that the max the Pre's processor can effectively be clocked is 800 MHz. The reason was that is all the bus can handle. The processor itself may be able to be clocked higher, you just wouldn't see any benefit from it.

    Here is a link to the way I did my upgrade entirely from my Pre.
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    I too am running the 800mhz kernal on my sprint 1.4.1 with no issues. I have also been a alpha tester and am currently testing number1's cpuscaling ultimate verison with the kernal and i must say it works very well. When released to the public it will also have a stat button which tells you what your scaling your cpu at, and how long your scaled at certain freqencys. All in all my pre has been running cooler as well between 28 degrees and the highest 49 which is when im charging, tethering or running a 3D game very long which the temp ran at that stock so no it wont harm your phone.
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